Smart BIS seminar – 2013/2014

  • 22.03.2014 : Federico PIGNI, Grenoble Ecole de Management, “Harvesting External Data: The Potential of Digital Data Streams
  • 22.03.2014 : Claudio VITARI, Grenoble Ecole de Management / IAE Paris, “The development of the DDG-capability in firms: An evaluation of its impact on firm financial performance
  • 22.04.2014 : Nicolas MOINET, IAE Poitiers, « L’Intelligence Economique, une dynamique à la recherche de ses concepts opératoires »
  • 28.05.2014 : Inès SAAD, France Business School, “Multi-criteria methodology based on majority principle for collective identification of a firm’s valuable knowledge
  • 25.06.2014 : Shirish C. SRIVASTAVA, HEC Paris, “What is Your Global Innovation Strategy?