The Smart BIS (Smart Business Information Systems, aka IS Transformation) research team is part of the LITEM laboratory, a research laboratory in management and economic sciences shared by the University of Evry-Val-d’Essonne and the Institut Mines -Télécom Business School.

Research activities at the Smart BIS team focus on information systems (IS) as socio-technical artifacts, on their essential roles in management, on their impacts on the company, its organization, and its business model. Today, a new technological, organizational, and social evolution is at work: we are moving from the 2.0 organization, marked by the social era of web 2.0 and its social networks, to the 3.0 organization, also called « intelligent organization », linked to the advent of Big Data, the Internet of Things, the knowledge and data economy, and so on. Smart BIS studies the evolution of IS in the light of managerial and technological developments, and its work seeks to better understand the processes by which IS contributes to the transformations of organizations in the digital age.

These research endeavors are part of the trajectory of organizational transformations through information systems (IS), from a traditional organization to an intelligent organization, including social digital organization. The team’s work can be considered along three perspectives:

  • The construction of IS artifacts (design science perspective)
  • The usages of IS artifacts (behavioral science perspective)
  • The governance of IS artifacts (strategic management perspective).